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Elastic Solay for the manufacture of footwear and soles.
Solay may be stained with ink. A Jeans look can be achieved.

With Solay rubbery and soft objects can be printed, such as shoes and shoe soles.

Material properties of Solay:
– Rough filament, stable, skin-friendly,
– Elastic like rubber
– Shore A ~ 90
– Highly filled with natural pigments (over 30%)
– Paintable with markers (Edding)
– Colorable (dip dyeing of the filament) with marker inks (alcohol-based, there’s graffiti in shops)
– Enables prints in vintage look
– Stone washed effect / bluejeans effect
– Experimental shoes, absorbing cushions, inner soles, straps
– Or other portable things
– Does not dissolve in acetone

Processing Solay:
– Solay can be promoted by Bowden
– Solay hällt on most roughened surfaces such as Kapton tape
– A nozzle with an opening of 0.4 mm is well suited
– 0.2 mm is a good layer thickness, the thicker the layer is the rougher the object

Solay is best stored dry. Should the material have absorbed moisture after some time, so the filament may be dried in an oven at about 80°C for four to five hours.  For first use we recommend to dry the filament
Colour beige Hardness:~ Shore A 90 Printing temperature 175 – 190°C.  Heated bed not necessary, likely 20 – 60°C.  Length> meter Weight approx. 250 g The filament comes in a resealable zip bag.