3D printing service

Not everyone owns their own 3D printer. Even those who do may not have the necessary printer, material or expertise to create a specific print. At IT IS 3D we have a range of 3D printers, many different print materials and decades of experience and expertise, so that we can create the perfect 3D prints for you.

So if you have a 3D print requirement and need an experienced service bureau, talk to us, or send us an STL file of your design so that we can price a print for you. Our email address is [email protected].

If you do not have an STL file, and need help creating a 3D design in the first place, then please take advantage of our 3D design service.


3D scanning service

Sometimes, the starting point for a 3D print is a physical object, something which exists in the real world, but for which no digital version exists. In that case, you can take advantage of IT IS 3D’s 3D scanning service. Using structured light technology, we can scan your object and create a 3D printable file.

Note that not all objects can be successfully scanned. The final result will depend on the shape, size and complexity of the object, as well as on its surface material. For feedback on whether we can 3D scan your object, please email us a photo to [email protected] or call us on 020 8202 8743 to discuss your requirements.

3D design service

Not everyone has 3D CAD skills. If you have an idea, a sketch, a photo, you can send it to us at IT IS 3D and we can convert it into a 3D design file. Once you have your design file, then it can be 3D printed.

Give us a try. We will give you a fixed cost before starting on your design, so you will know exactly what it will cost. You can email any material you have to [email protected], or call us on 020 8202 8743.