Design for Manufacturing Summit #24 will have panels on robotics + automation, decentralized manufacturing and 3D design, along with keynotes and networking breaks with drinks and food.

The first keynote will be from Matmatch, a new company dedicated to empowering engineers and product development teams to use the best materials on the market.

Other program additions include our CEO, Martin Stevens, Shadow Robot Company’s Managing Director Rich Walker and Made In Britain Chief Executive John Pearce.

Design for Manufacturing Summits are independent business development-focused evening conferences in New York, Toronto and London on digital transformation in product design and manufacturing.

80 percent of manufacturing costs are determined in the first 20 percent of the product design process. Design has the key to take cost and waste out of manufacturing.

DFM Summits bring together up to 100 product developers, industrial designers, engineers, makers and manufacturers for a more decentralized, networked, leaner manufacturing industry.

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