HP 3D Scan Pro v5


New Patented SL Patterns
No matter whether you are using one or two cameras, HP 3D Scan Pro v5 will project our new stripe pattern sequence on the object. It is more robust against reflections, so the big advantage is that glossy/reflective surfaces can be scanned much better. Of course we still can’t do magic, so e.g. glass, mirrors or other very shiny surfaces will still be difficult to scan, so you will need to keep using a coating spray. But even without spray, especially metal, can be scanned much better than before.

Comfortable Sequence Scanning
Of course the most comfortable way for 3D scanning is to use our motorised TT-1 turntable. But even without it, DAVID5 makes it easy to scan an object 360° – just use the “Manual Scan Sequence” mode and click “Start”. DAVID will collect the entire sequence, all you need to do is rotate the object (or the scanner around it) by hand. Between scans, DAVID will automatically watch for motions and wait until the scene is still again. At the end, you click “Finish” and DAVID will align the entire sequence.
Please see the User Manual for details about that mode.

Simplified User Interface
When using an SLS scanner, DAVID-5 will automatically select the correct projector and camera, and check the correct settings.
The user still has to set the exposure manually, but DAVID-5 helps by showing a rating in colours. Minimise the red areas, and you’re good to go!

Included Measurement and Mesh Comparison Features
DAVID-5 allows you to measure distances and compare meshes.

Code Clean-Up
To make DAVID-5 fit for all those new features, and the improvements yet to come, we have re-structured and cleaned up our source code a lot. In the process, we had to remove a few function which were redundant or unimportant or only used by a very small number of users.
For instance, Laser Scanning has been removed completely, and there is no more 32-bit version. Also the Enterprise Edition has been discontinued and merged into the Pro Edition.
We are sorry if there is a feature you are missing. Of course DAVID4 will continue to exist, we will keep supporting it, and your user licenses will work with no time limit.

In any case, give DAVID5 a try! We are sure that the new advancements will be convincing for most users.

License Upgrades from version 4 are available as usual – please contact us on 020 8202 8743 or email [email protected]



HP 3D Scan Pro v5

What’s new:

Dual Camera Support
HP 3D Scan Pro v5 supports scanning with two cameras. There are two modes: “Stereo” and “Extended View”. Compared to one camera (mono), stereo will give you an improved scan precision. The Extended View mode, as the name suggests, covers more surface region in one scan.
Of course scanning with just one camera is also possible with HP 3D Scan Pro v5.


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