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Advantages of Nylon:
– very high strength and rigidity
– very tough
– high temperature resistance
– very hard and scratch-resistant surface

One spool with filament out of Nylon filament in natural / opaque.
Nylon is an extreme rigid and hard material. Its tensile strength surpasses other plastic materials.
Our Nylon has a very low moisture absorption. But Nylon should be dried before processing at ~ 80°C for 2-3 hours. Nominal diameter 1.75mm,  Material Nylon / Polyamide (PA-6)
Colour natural / transparent,  Length> 300 meter, Weight approx. 750 g (without blank spool)                   Dimension (reel) outer Ø ~ 200 mm, width ~ 55 mm. This filament is primarily used for 3D Printer and Rapid Prototyper.