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You get: a trial amount of 0.25 Kg in 1.75 mm diameter as a coil out of LayBrick filament beta.
LayBrick is printable from smooth to very rough surface, near sandstone.
LayBrick feels like stone and is just great for architecture models and landscapes.
Printed objects can also be coloured and easily grounded.
· for architecture models / landscapes
· no plastic feeling
· ideal for jumbo-printers / please read advise below about beta!
· the objects are ink-able, grind-able
· no heated bed necessary
· contains natural mineralic fillers (super-fine milled chalk) and harmless co-polyesters
· the printed object is temperature stabil to about 70°Celsius
beta version of this filament: means that the grey colour of the filament may change in nuances, the filament is also a little maiden, it may break while bending, you should be sure (especially during a long print) that you can feed a broken part of filament again in your printer!
use M227 code: f.e. S 30000 P 10000
Print layer-thickness from 0.1 mm to 0.5 mm, slicing: object fill max. 25%, fan needs to be on.
After printing, wait until object is hardened, then remove it from platform (2-4 hours)
LayBrick has nearly no warp effect (0.5/10), Nominal diameter 1.75 mm, Material LayBrick
Colour concrete,  Length> meter, Weight approx. 250 g