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Gel-Lay – for gelatinous, soft objects. When wet, very glibbrig and soft when dry, it is stable, not very elastic but flexible. For example, for objects in aquariums.

Gel-Lay is soft and gel-like when wet. After drying, it is not elastic (like rubber) but flexible. It swims and is also suitable for aquamarine applications.

The material consists of two parts: an elastomer that is responsible for the rubber-like feel and material property, and a water-soluble ingredient. After printing, the object is placed in water whereby after one and four days, leaving behind the elastomer, and thus the soft porous object.
Rinse in water:
– print thin walls and heep filling rate as low as possible to shorten the time for rinsing
– gently rinse with water, hot water and patience provides good results
– you can clearly notice the effect and that the material is getting softer after one day
– after three days every PVA should be gone
– stir and change the water often
– you can reduce the rinsing time by using an ultrasonic cleaner
– remaining water can be removed from the object quickly by using a clothes dryer
– repeatedly rinsing: fresh water → Wait → Dryer → fresh water → Wait → Dryer
– PVA residues feel greasy, like sugar syrup
– remove all PVA residues.