HP Pro S2 Structured Light Scanner

The HP Pro S2 employs innovative Structured Light technology which allows precise 3D scanning in a matter of seconds.

The scanner is mobile and can easily be placed in front of the surface to be scanned. A single click in the well-proven software starts the scan – and a few seconds later the digitised 3D model shows up on your screen. This way you can subsequently scan all sides of the object, and combine them into a closed 360° model. The modular hardware setup allows a flexible adaptation to your object – any size from coin to couch is possible.

The results can be exported into common 3D file formats (OBJ, STL, PLY) and processed in other applications, for rapid prototyping, inspection, product presentations, archaeology and cultural heritage, works of art, computer animations, video games…The limits are set by your imagination.

Technical specification

HP Pro S2 3D Structured Light Scanner

Scan size: 60-500 mm

Resolution/Precision: Up to 1% of scan size (down to .06 mm)

Scanning time: One single scan within a few seconds

Mesh density: Up to 1,200,000 vertices per scan

Export formats: OBJ, STL, PLY